Month: August 2009

Time Gentlemen Please

Twelve years abroad is a long time without ever coming back for a visit, so it was hard to know what to expect when we finally returned. Doom-laden emails from friends and […]

Willie the Plott

My regular pilgrimage to the quarantine kennels is over for the day, 30 days and counting now to what we have labelled “Free Willie Day” when he will finally be released back […]

Silk Rose Sugar Rush

Leaving 90s England, a new life with new possibilities beckoned and for many years we lived in the thrall of the quest for conspicuous consumption. I can’t say we didn’t enjoy it […]

Its All Just Relative

Random suggests the haphazard, the lack of a plan but planning causes hesitation and intentional thoughts become difficult to pin down so instead just this. This is a rant I’d rather not […]