Care of the Elderly

Its All Just Relative

Random suggests the haphazard, the lack of a plan but planning causes hesitation and intentional thoughts become difficult to pin down so instead just this. This is a rant I’d rather not be having; frankly there’s nothing too hopeful about it, but it at least serves to wipe away the prevarication.

There’s something unconscionable and completely outrageous about two grown men trying to talk a partially-sighted 92 year old lady into buying double-glazed windows, more so since it is more than evident she already has them. What depths of greed or desperation have we reached as human beings when this becomes acceptable? Old and frail, easily confused and often not sure of the time scale; a tenuous grasp on independent living. A tired old target for the unscrupulous in the society that she served so well. Don’t we owe her and the thousands like her a better debt of gratutude than this?

I could stack superlatives knee deep to describe my thoughts about this and none would be an overstatement but yet in a calm moment I see that its not drugs, or violence or sex which have brought our society so low. In themselves they are merely symptoms of the same malaise: we have lost our ability to tell what is right from what is wrong, not least what is morally indefensible, and in doing so the alignment of our moral compass, for want of a better term, has become relative to however we feel or want to feel at any given moment in time; whatever we need to justify our actions is OK just as long as we get to please ourselves because in reality, there’s really no right and wrong – its all just relative.