Flash Fiction

A Busy Few Months

It’s been a year since I started this blog. In the intervening months I have hardly set blogosphere alight with my wit, wisdom and insight. If anything it’s been a bit of a chore. And that’s a little sad.

It’s sad because as every fledgling, embryonic (note I’m avoiding the use of the word wannabe here) and struggling writer knows:  we should be blogging. Or should we?

Frankly, if I had to do it again I would probably have held myself back a while until I’d got something to actually say—until I’d been around the block a time or two and had some experience to contribute for the collective good.

That’s the one good thing about experience, nobody can question its validity; it’s yours, lock, stock and smoking hot delete key. As the rejection letters pile up and the school of hard-knocks is in full session, experience in all its guises—good and bad—comes knocking at the door.

By all accounts I’ve had a pretty good year. Far better than I expected and could reasonably have hoped for.  Along the way I’ve learned a great deal although I don’t doubt for a minute, I shall ever stop learning; that much I know from working with horses. There’s a lesson in everything if I keep my ears and eyes open and by and large, my mouth shut.

Three interesting things have happened in the last week. One of them was for me, very exciting indeed: following my win of this year’s Whittaker Prize For Fiction, the title of one of my round winners has been chosen for the title of this year’s Anthology. In all honesty, I think I’m nearly as excited about that as I was about winning. More about my Whittaker Prize experience in a later post.

The second thing I have been doing this last week is Week One of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I am unreservedly enjoying it at this point and have to say that my creative output has definitely taken a turn for the better following an exhausted slump since the nine rounds of the Whittaker. I’m hoping to create a series of posts about this as I progress.

Another cool thing I got involved with and one which I have to be honest and say was a little bit out of my comfort zone was to take part in Rowan Coleman’s Friday Short Story Status on Facebook. The contraints of 420 character stories really challenged me to make every letter count. Getting feedback from those I label as real people (aka non-writing friends and even complete strangers) as opposed to writer people was brilliant. Not that writerly-friends feedback isn’t wonderful too, it certainly is.

So I’m hoping the sparks of a love affair are being kindled with my blog. Time will be the judge and, as always, my master. I will be spending this Bank Holiday weekend frantically finishing some competition submissions.  In addition to working with two different mentors who I’ve signed up with in the last month , I’ve also signed myself up, like a lamb to the slaughter, for the forthcoming six rounds of the Slinkink Scribbling Slam to be judged by the super-talented Nik Perring (and that seriously was not a grovel —well OK, maybe just a little). I’ve a week at the Arvon at The Hurst coming up in October and the enticing song of Nanowrimo 2010 is starting call to me softly from the distance. It’s going to be a very busy Fall.