Spring Cleaning in November

That’s NaNoWriMo done for another year I think, my word count is validated and I have some lovely and not so lovely words to work with.

I enjoyed being a bit of a Nano-rebel this year since my goal was never to set out to write a novel but simply to do some advance spring cleaning for the mind and come up with some first draft short stories for next year’s competition season. I say that as though there is a competition season, but in reality there are always competitions coming up and that’s for me, one of the joys of the short story market. It keeps me focused (mostly) and on my toes.

The other major benefit was that I had lots of characters and fragments floating round in my mind and it was getting overcrowded and chaotic in there. The characters were starting to argue with each other and spill out into each other’s stories, then they were turning on me.  It’s nice to have all these argumentative bods out of my head and peace restored for a while.

Notice I make no mention of sanity.

Good luck to fellow Nanoers coming up to the finish and Happy Thanksgiving to friends across the pond.