Playing Around With Books

In response to something I saw on the ideas4writers Facebook page, I decided to have a go at Spine Poetry.

Very addictive indeed.  Not sure my first attempt qualifies as poetry but I really had fun playing around with the concept.


    Not So Perfect

        The Sinner

        Waving at the Gardener,

        The Constant Gardener.

        Is This The Way You Said?

        How to Be Good.

        Don’t Waste Your Life

        Dear John,

           The Way We Live Now

            Every Man For Himself.

I’m not too sure there will be a Spine Poem #2, I never thought I’d have this problem but I need more books! It really doesn’t have the same effect on a  Kindle.

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  1. Um, your first attempt is one of the best that I’ve seen – thank you for writing it out like that. I love it.

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog, Cassie – and of course your kind words. I’ll be adding #2 later – I’m thinking spine poetry is something you can’t just stop at one.