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Exciting News

I have news – exciting news, for me anyway.  I have finally managed to organise myself and get my first collection put together and finished. It is long overdue but with all the chaos in my life of late, I got a little behind with everything.

I’m anxiously excitedly awaiting the arrival of the proof copy of What We Didn’t Say back from the printers and hopefully once I’m happy with that, the print version will be available via my new website (which I am in the process of building myself so am having to polish up some very rusty coding skills), and the digital version should hit Amazon and all eBook locations shortly after. One or two local outlets have agreed to take it and although I know I am highly unlikely to be adding huge amounts to the pension fund, I am at least glad to have finished.

The new Android Ether Books app is now out and the iOS version is to follow soon.  I have 8 stories on the Ether app and  you can find me here in the writer’s catalogue.  I’m rather gratified to find myself in among the best sellers (although you do have to scroll down a bit to find me!) – if any of my lovely readers wants to hop over an give me a Facebook like, you will have my gratutude and big thanks if you already have.   I shall be submitting more to Ether later in the year and hope if you haven’t already downloaded the free app, you will — there’s more good writing on there than you can shake a stick at and the lovely folks over at Ether have been working really hard to bring what has to be the foremost app of its kind.

In other news I am busy preparing for some upcoming teaching and am very excited about that because it will be my first real foray into adult literacy education and also needle arts tuition.  More on that soon.

As soon as What We Didn’t Say is finally put to bed and hopefully in the hands of wonderful reader-folk, I will be returning to my first full length novel which again has been on hold for a while.  As one or two of my teachers used to say  ‘it needs more work,’ right now –a lot more.

And finally, and this really is exciting although given the amount of work I have on, some of you may think it a little strange, I have just booked myself and Plottdog a holiday for the first the first time in what feels like forever, but certainly in excess of 4 years.

So all in all, life is pretty good right now and it’s a while since I’ve been able to say that!


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  1. I’m massively pleased for you, Sallie. You’re so talented and you really deserve to be enjoying every minute of this hugely productive time. Many congratulations on all that you’ve achieved.
    I feel really excited about What We Didn’t Say. I’m very much looking forward to reading it. The cover looks fantastic. I can’t wait!
    Best of luck with the novel. Let us know how it’s going – and enjoy that holiday! xxx