Creative Ruts and Other News

In the process of moving my favorite blog reading from Google Reader to Feedly I came across this fabulous and very true infographic from those terribly creative folks over at Copyblogger who have very kindly given their permission to share it:


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In other news…

I’ve got a guest blog spot over at Ether Books coming up soon which I’m very excited about.

I’m waiting for the final proof copy of What We Didn’t Say which should arrive this week and I’m equally excited about that. In addition I will be doing a book signing at the next Stone Farmer’s Market in May – more on that in another post.

My new website is certainly testing my long redundant web developer skills to the absolute limit but despite it being one of those jobs which takes four times as much time as you anticipate, I am pleased with the results so far. I am hoping to get at least the framework live by the mid April with further content added as we go.

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  1. I really like the advice from Copyblogger, Sallie. I’m often guilty of being afraid of making mistakes. When I’m pleased with something I’ve written, it’s always the case that I’ve written that piece without holding back and without fearing it won’t work – true writing from the heart.
    My mother, for example, is a very logical, practical person who sees life in plain black and white. Every time she thinks about doing something new in her home or garden, she looks at all the possible snags first. She is the first to admit she has a limited imagination and wouldn’t know where to start if she were asked to write a piece of fiction. I’m the opposite. I tend to leap in without thinking all round the project first. Which means I’m dreadful at lots of practical things, but it serves me quite well when it comes to being creative with stories. Since I became a writer, I haven’t felt the need to apologise for always daydreaming! It has finally begun to serve its purpose!

    Good luck with fine-tuning your website and enjoy the arrival of the final proofs of What We Didn’t Say. I do love that title. x

    • Thanks Joanna – yes it is interesting and to be honest it is one of the reasons I gave up competitive writing. I was way too focused on writing to please judges and not taking risks instead of writing the story that wanted to be told. I had way more success as a relative newbie, totally uninfluenced by anything other than what was in my head than I ever did as a more experienced and schooled writer. The irony is not lost on me that my most popular download on Ether Books is the one which came in for most criticism from more than one judge! Thank you as always for the encouragement, it means a great deal.