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Eating My Elephant over at Ether Books

MP900446568I had one of those moments last week, you know the ones,  a bit like when you were the kid–and there always is one– bouncing up and down in front of the teacher waving your hand in the air shouting, “Me! Me! Me Miss…I want to…pick me, pick me!”. 

You know the rest.

I’m flat out at the moment, stealing time from all over the place to get the various projects I’m working on launched and yet last week I found myself signing up for something else to add to my list of very urgent stuff to do.  Let’s face it though, it’s a writer’s lot these days to need to put as much effort into self-promotion and generally being out there, as has to be put into the actual writing.  For many it is a very uncomfortable truth because it pushes us into areas of our comfort zone and beyond where we rather wouldn’t be.  It has to happen though and I’m very glad to say I am guest blogging today over at Ether Books.

I know I get very excited about Ether but when you look at the platform they have built and its potential reach, it is impossible to ignore the fact that it’s something a bit special.  Unless one has been hiding under a rock for the last few years, it has been hard to miss how rapidly the publication universe has changed, I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to be a tiny part of something contributing to that change. Long may it continue.



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  1. Self-promotion is vital these days and it terrifies me. I keep hiding behind the writing all the time when I should spend more time on communication.
    You’re doing so well, Sallie, working hard to achieve your goals. I really admire you for reaching outside the comfort zone. I hope I can do the same soon. You’re definitely an inspiration. Keep going and best of luck.

    • I agree Joanna, to be honest I’m a bit behind where I should be with this book. The thought of being in everybody’s face with it does sit a little uncomfortably I have to say. I am truly honoured to be an inspiration, thank you for your very kind words.