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A Plan Comes Together

Sort of…

Actually it’s been something of a day. The weeks of incredibly late nights,  hair-pulling and teeth grinding have finally produced a website. Content still has to be added but the main framework is up and within hours of the site going live, I sold my first book through it which is very gratifying (to say the least!).


The website is the second act of the master plan I’ve been working on this year  and that is the launch of my creativity business, something I am excited about and terrified by in equal measure. I am venturing into teaching both creative writing in a more serious way and also, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone even further, (encouraged by the wonderful Jules at English Rooms here in Stone) I am also teaching a series of needle arts workshops and classes feeding off my other great passion for sewing.

Ether Books have published the first story from What We Didn’t Say on their fabulous smartphone app today, so that’s 9 of my stories they have now. They are a great publisher to work with, responsive, supportive and just all round good guys and I love them to bits.

It’s made me realise that I need to get writing because my back catalogue, for want of a better expression, is looking a little thin now. Two stories in that catalogue really need to be developed further and to be honest,  I think would work better as novels but I am anxious to get the next draft of my first novel finished so they will have to sit and stew for a while longer. I do enjoy writing short stories though and am hoping to get some time soon to get some words down. First on the writing agenda however, I am going to do a piece for the Mass Observation project on 12th May – more on that in a later post.

I have another confession which is that I’ve started a second blog, Sallie in Stitches,  which will accompany my alter ego’s stitching and needle arts activities.  There’s not much going on over there at  the moment but I will be adding content as we go.

I don’t entirely know what has given rise to the immense burst of creativity in my life this year but I do know that this one simple line, and a very close and dear friend, had something to do with it. I guess what it all comes down is definitely a case of now or never.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems

Louis MacNeice used to be the very top of my list of favourite poets, but I have to say the more I read Mary Oliver, the more she just blows me away.

So, that’s a brief round up of what I’ve been up to – tonight was a treat of a night off to watch the Great British Sewing Bee which I thoroughly enjoyed and huge congratulations to the participants, all winners in my book.

It seems sewing is the new baking and rightly sew!!!!


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  1. Sallie, your website is gorgeous, really pretty and fresh, and will attract lots of people. You have worked so hard and with great passion. I feel really impressed and inspired to work harder myself. I don’t know how you fit it all in! I love the message in the Mary Oliver quote that it is up to each of us to treasure our allotted time and rein in all those cherished minutes to bring maximum pleasure and satisfaction. And I’d say you are definitely doing that.

    I’ve ordered What We Didn’t Say with enormous pleasure and really look forward to holding it in my hands. Good luck with everything in the meantime.x

    • Thanks so much Joanna for your kind words. Like most projects, it took far longer than I had hoped but some of that was to do with not being able to come to a sensible decision about the design. In the end I opted for more colour as a change from the dark and grungy theme of this blog. I have to say though, I am living with a colony of dust bunnies and an ironing mountain that would scare Mary Poppins! I am devouring Mary Oliver’s work at the moment and am definitely claiming this quote as my personal mantra. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it really means a great deal to me. I am mailing the book this evening, I do hope you enjoy it. Wishing you good writing. xx