Writing Our Way Home

Delivering on a Promise…

Lovers1Lovers in a dingy bar,
knee to knee
maintaining unbroken
touchy-feely contact
with hands and hungry eyes.
Turned in towards
each other
excluding the world.
She talks
with a language of
significant smiles
and eyes that never stray far from his
conveying coded messages
of provocation and promise
punctuated by light and delicate
high-speed touches,
as if she were afraid he would break:
his face, his arm,
his leg and back to his face.
to start the cycle again.
He listens, eyes dark,
fomenting passion
yet he pulls back
overwhelmed maybe,
heady on love perhaps
or maybe just consumed by lust
and the anxiety of delivering
on that promise.

#smallstone 5

It’s become a little obvious that my small stones this last few days haven’t exactly been the smallest – as the work week approaches and the energy draining demands of my day job take hold, they may become a little leaner!