Odd Pebbles

A busy week is already starting to suck the creativity right out of me but a number of  pebble-like #smallstones have appeared.  I’ve added a couple below.

I’m also pleased to say I have started logging my output on the Write-Track trial which is proving very useful indeed and really motivating me to get on with writing instead of sit around thinking about it.  Of course it’s early days yet but so far so good.

Unwanted message, intrusive, abrasive, petulant ting-ting; demands attention like a pair of tiny stamping feet and pulls my lens out of focus, my resolution out of balance.

#smallstone 6

What am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for having the courage to
walk away
and not stay
to pathetically accept
the meagre
crumbs you deign
to toss my way.
I’m thankful for having the courage to
say no,
not anymore,
I will not stick around
to witness hope die
one day at a time.

#smallstone 7

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  1. Most of this is drivel. Stop writing dreadfully depressing crap and get real. Write a bloody story earn so e cash then you can fuck around with poetry shite. Makes me very angry! You spend so long using words the average person has no idea what they mean, telling tales of stuff most of us can not understand……. Get on with writing accessible stuff?

  2. Again thank you for your very erudite opinion to which you are entitled. As you can see from the sidebar there are plenty of my cash earning stories out there.