The Curate’s Egg & The Gift of This Day

IMG_4488 - Version 2It’s been a curate’s egg kind of a week for me on the whole–good and bad in parts.

The #mywritingprocess blog hop has been a really enjoyable thing to be a part of and I have really enjoyed both the connection with other writers and the insights into their creative processes.  There is always inspiration and encouragement to be gained from any kind of activity like that and I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to take part.

While I’m on that subject this is a good moment to give another shout out to the irrepressible Meg Kingston who is carrying the #mywritingprocess baton forward.  Meg will be blogging tomorrow which is also the launch day of her new book, Just Add Writing and there’s a launch event going on over on Facebook is you’ve a mind to drop by and say hello. There will also be the chance to win some non-virtual prizes. You can find Meg’s launch at: https://www.facebook.com/events/606496329431142/

I’ve had the opportunity this week to reacquaint myself of the joy and inspiration which comes from spending time with other creative souls and although not writers, it is always amazing how much they spark my imagination and get me thinking about possibilities. Thank you both, you know who you are.

The creativity sapping elements of my week involved an unanticipated and urgent mid-week business trip in the middle of Wednesday’s ferocious storm. Seven hours behind the wheel on the M6 and M62 brought back memories of a similar, equally horrendous journey down the 6% grade of Cabbage Hill on I 84 in Oregon in a snow storm with a missing snow chain which flung itself off about half way down—what a trip!

The worst thing about this week’s journey is the negative effect on my energy levels.  The biggest battle with writing that I’m having at the moment is sheer fatigue, mental and physical and I’m not really sure what to do about it and I’d certainly be interested to know how other writers handle this problem. My diet has been almost entirely stress driven just recently and I know that isn’t helping so I’m going to try and dial down the carbs for the next few weeks.  I suspect my overall fitness levels are less than stellar though and that brings with it another dilemma—sign up at the gym and lose valuable writing time or battle or just carry on as I am.  The jury is out on that one.

This morning’s long walk with Plottdog under bright blue skies and tepid sunshine certainly lifted my mental state. Despite the rain which has been lashing and submerging this sodden island over the last month, the signs of the approach of Spring are evident everywhere: daffodil & crocus spearing up through the earth, the soaring song of busy blackbirds singing their hearts out in the hedgerows and lengthening daylight—all of which are cause for a joy in the knowledge that the dark and dismal days of winter won’t last forever.

I’ve also been sneaking the odd peek at the Sochi Olympics and watching some of the competitors in the grueling Alpine and Cross Country skiing events who, despite being well outside the medal positions, have continued to grit their teeth and give their all,  has been massively inspirational.  The dedication and commitment that these competitors give,  as they strive to be the best they can be and the sacrifices they have to make on a daily basis, put my whinging about being tired into perspective and made me remember that inspiration can come from anywhere if you let it, but also hammered home to me that nothing is worth more than the gift of this day—it’s we really have, yesterday is already gone and we don’t yet have tomorrow and so it is what we do with that gift that ultimately counts, whatever our situation.

I am taking that thought forward with me into the next week and once again pushing myself outside my creative comfort zone and applying to become part of a writer development programme. I may not ultimately be successful but if I don’t make my application I will never give myself the chance. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope the week brings you inspiration and moments of creative joy.

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