Plottdog – the Ninja Warrior of Dogdom

plottyAs I have often said, what a marvellous thing it is for a writer to have a Plottdog.  Poor Plotty however, gets mistaken for a Black Lab fairly often–until he’s stood next to one and then the difference is obvious, along with an additional 20kgs.  Not that we have anything against Black Labs, you understand. We are very fortunate to be able to take some of our walks on a wonderful piece of land close to our home called the Common Plott which dates back to the Enclosure Acts, so when I say he’s a Plott Dog, people think I’m being sarcastic.

Today I’ve added a little to the story of Plottdogs in general here. His predecessor, Digger who had been terribly abused before ending up in a rescue centre, was the inspiration behind my story Sirius Rising, which remains, I think, one of my all time best sellers and a Recommended Read over on Ether Books.