Serendipity or a kick in the pants?

When something like this comes flying through the ether to your inbox, in my case via the weekly email of the very talented William Gallagher, at a time when you most need it, it’s time to pay attention.

When two pieces of radio catch and hold your mind in a meaningful way, it’s time to listen: Desert Island Discs -always a classic- featuring Bill Gates, and Book of The Week featuring Dame Joan Bakewell’s, Stop The Clocks.

And so I did and each in their own way has helped me find my way back to the blog and so, here I am with no apologies for the long absence, in any event you’ve heard it all before, suffice to say depression is a bit of a sod, it robs us of creativity, direction, commitment, focus and energy. It robs some of the will to live and even others of their lives. I suffer mildly and can function through its grip albeit at the loss of any form of creative output, I am lucky.

Anyhoo, I’m not sure whether I am emerging from its shadow or have finally pulled myself together enough to tell it to piss off, even though the havoc it wreaks with brain chemistry isn’t something you can have much effect on without chemical assistance and that I am trying to avoid.

This however, is too good not to share:


How to start taking risks (and why you should do it)  by the team at Las Vegas Extreme Skydiving