Delivering on a Promise…

Lovers in a dingy bar, knee to knee maintaining unbroken touchy-feely contact with hands and hungry eyes. Turned in towards each other excluding the world. She talks with a language of significant […]


Every line, its own particular story, an epic tale of twists and turns, dead-ends and missing pieces. Every stretch mark, a different chapter; a new beginning, perhaps a time of growth in […]

Solitary Defiance

What made you choose this bleak and unyielding habitat far from the nourishing earth? A place you seem to flourish high above terra firma, in your solitary defiance to grow where you […]

Hungry brown bi…

Hungry brown bird, town bird, ditch water dull bird with a busy beak flits and flickers beyond the gaussian blur of my steam-fugged window and lights up my day. #smallstone 2